General Information


 Considering the nature of the Office of the Regional Vice Governor (ORVG) as more on subsidiary to the office of the Regional Governor, its services are mostly monitoring and supplemental to the programs of the regional government.




 Program Thrust and Direction

          In the case of ARMM, the above KRAs are further summarized into three (3) Pillars of Reform with the New ARMM Government’s Thrust under the leadership of OIC-Regional Governor Mujiv S. Hataman, espousing the overarching principle of “Open Governance” as a strategy. These three Pillars of Reforms are as follows:

1.    Governance Reform

2.    Socio-Economic Reform and

3.    Peace and Security

          With the major programs, projects and activities anchored on the President’s program thrust as well as that of the Regional Government’s Reform agenda for ARMM, we are confident that ORVG can very well live up to its expected mandate in attaining its vision, mission and goals.



Major Outputs

MFO 1   Anti-corruption/Transparency

      Account Policies, Plans, Program and monitoring Services

 MPP 1 Regional Development Plans/Program Supervised

 MPP 2 Consultation, Negotiations and Information dissemination

 MPP 3 Office Operations/ Personnel Development Program


MFO 2 Poverty Reductions and Empowerment of the Poor & Vulnerable

  MPP 1 Ecology – Conservation / Environment/ Climate Change Advocacy Program

 MPP 2 Youth Sports Development Program

 MPP 3 Brgy. Administration & Project Management

 MPP 4 Health and Sanitation

 MPP 5 Gender & Development Program


MFO 3 Rapid Inclusive and sustained Economic Growth

  MPP 1 Economic and Agricultural Development Seminar/ Workshop or Livelihood

 MPP 2 Provision of Livelihood Inputs


MFO 4   Just and lasting Peace and the rule of Law

  MPP 1 Pilot Projects for IDP’s & People from war-torn  areas in DBS Maguindanao.

           MPP 2 Consultation, Peace Negotiations and Monitoring Activities

  MPP 3 Support to Ramadhan Activities